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Republic Services Sharps Disposal Service

At Republic Services, we understand that safety, simplicity and reliability are important when it comes to the disposal of your medical sharps and needles. That's why we offer convenient at-home solutions with our Sharps Disposal Mail-Back Kits. Each kit includes:

  • Detailed instructions for safe sharps disposal
  • Postal authorized return box and liner
  • Sharps disposal container
  • Pre-paid return postage
  • Disposal tracking documents

In addition to at-home needle users, our sharps disposal service is ideal for tattoo and piercing shops, home care providers, nursing homes, small medical facilities, doctors' offices, veterinary clinics, and dentists.

The safe collection, transportation and disposal of medical sharps are critical steps to reduce risks and possible injuries to your staff. Our reliable solutions are designed to comply with applicable local, state and federal regulations for proper disposal of your sharps and needles.

Together we can keep our homes, businesses and communities safe.