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Republic Sharps Needle Disposal and Mail Back Service

As a leading national waste and recycling services provider and Fortune 500 company, Republic Services offers an environmentally-responsible solution to managing home-generated medical waste. Be compliant and place an order with us today.

The Republic Sharps Mail Back Disposal Service is a simple, cost-effective, confidential way of disposing of used sharps and needles. 

Republic Services provides a safe, confidential and convenient method for the proper disposal of sharps waste such as:

  • Needles and syringes
  • Razor blades
  • Contaminated broken glassware
  • Tattoo needles and piercing devices

In addition to at-home needle users, such as diabetics, the Republic Sharps Mail Back Service is ideal for tattoo and piercing shops, home care providers, nursing homes, small medical facilities, doctors' offices, veterinary clinics and dentists. Don't get stuck! Order your compliant mail back container today.